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Season 6 Episode Progressive

GodsMU Online is a growing community and it is our goal to establish a friendly, helpful and enjoyable community. In order to make sure that above-mentioned aspects are guaranteed, there are some boundaries set which are in form of Rules and Regulations.
By registering an account on our server you agree on the following rules with all the terms and conditions and will abide by them. You agree that you are personally responsible for the consequences that may result if you break these rules.
Like any community needs some rules and regulations since humankind exists, GodsMU Online also has few rules in order to keep the healthy gaming atmosphere and fair treatment of everyone who is a member of this community. By signing up an account on GodsMU Online you agree to following listed specified rules.

• Using Hacks

Hacking is against the rules and will be punished by a permanent ban immediately without a warning. GodsMU Online does not tolerate any kind of usage of programs, software in order to get an unfair advantage over other players.

• Bug exploits

If you are aware of any bug, you are highly recommended to report it to a staff member. You can reach us on our Facebook page or approach any of our staff in-game. Abuse of any kind of exploits will be punished on sight.

• Cheats

Cheating is defined as any attempt to give yourself an advantage over other players. Though cheating is a subjective definition, we reserve the right to define a cheater per situation depending on the offence committed by that player. 


• Account sharing

It is in the policies of MU Online that you are not allowed to sell an account or character to a third person. Keep your connection information to yourself. If you share or trade an account Staff won't help you with any problems! GodsMU Online staff won't help you to get the account back. GodsMU Online staff will never ask you for your account information i.e. password. Violators will be punished by a ban.


• Refunds (Donation)

We will not provide refunds under any circumstances. Donating is voluntary. If you are banned due to violation of our player rules, you will not get a refund. If you do not like the service, you will not get a refund. No exchange of items once it's already given to you. It's not required for you to make any donation to enjoy the full experience of GodsMU Online, it's completely optional and is done at your own risk.

• Lost items and characters

Due to a lot of scams, GodsMU Online is not responsible for lost items, characters etc. Only you are responsible for the safety of your items, characters etc. Remember never share your account information with other users.


• Donation

Once we received proof of transaction, please give us time (Maximum of 24hours) to verify and process your item/s.

Your donation will help to keep our server online. Thank you!


• Begging for items / Scamming / Cheating GM / Staff

GodsMU Online Staff members are experienced, honest and friendly. Do not even try to scam, beg for items, blackmail or any other kind of method to get free items, help which is unfair. That means receiving items or having the benefits of any other in-game features from possible abusing staff members. Your account may be suspended for this, depending on the case. This is to be decided by the staff.


• No posing as a staff member

Characters or guilds imitating staff will result in the immediate deletion and a permanent ban.



Trash talk between players are allowed but negative attacks to the Server and its staff will not be tolerated. The kinds of punishment for disrespecting the staff are Character Ban, Account Ban, I.P. Address Ban (Permanent).

Anyone who dares to challenge a staff’s final decision won't be tolerated. You will be kick / banned on our Facebook group / page and in-game account(s) are going to be banned permanently.

Staff has the supreme authority to lock and/or delete any posts or threads which they deem irrelevant or frivolous at their own discretion.

Staff has the FINAL say in any disputes. (There shouldn’t be any reasons for you to keep posting such matters that is already been decided.)

Staff have the right to suspend / block characters or account(s) to any gamers for investigation as precaution. Remember, we will not ban players without reason.

Staff have the right to, without question, violate any rules here they deem necessary for the benefit of the community.

If an Admin or GM (Guild Master) makes the final decision; your suspension or ban is no longer a discussion.

ALL GODSMU STAFF are NOT allowed to attend Castle Event, nor use his status to abuse players. If you found someone abusing his power please report it to us. We will immediately terminate him if found guilty and you will be rewarded.


• Advertisement

Advertisement is an offence that is always met with an instant ban. You are not allowed to market, promote or advertise any other servers.

Furthermore, as these rules apply to specific instances of misconduct, we reserve the right to modify existing or add new rules at our discretion without notice (and without placing them in this list) in order to handle any variation of offences. We also reserve the right to refuse or cancel the service of any user at any time.

This is a FREE TO PLAY server. We do things differently than any other server(s). If you despise the game, game settings and/or the staff please FEEL FREE to leave.

GODS MU UPDATE #3 - v24 Louis


1. New Bloodangel Set

2. New Pet MUUN

3. New Pet MOUNT

4. New Ex700 Shield

5. Tier 2 Defense Increased

6. Tier 1 Defense Increased

7. EX700 Set Defense Increased (little)




9. New Drop rate (under observation)

10. New Boss Drops

11. New GM Boss Drop event

12. New Chaos Rate

13. New Jewel of Skill at NPC Bar



14. v24 - Anti hack speed detect

15. v24 - New user interface

16. v24 - New ingame events (coming soon)

17. v24 - Mount Flinch



18. Devias is now the official tambayan.

TYPE /tambayan - Devias PVP

TYPE /patayan - Arena PVP

19. Lorencia for offstore.



20. WCOINS to GPOINTS /convertgp 100... > FIXED

21. NPC Bar Jewel of Skill > ADDED

22. Ravetata RF vs T2 RF > FIXED

23. Hand RF Moros (to wear tier 1 set) > ENABLED

24. Elune Gloves > FIXED

25. Magnis Set > FIXED


27. Net boosters (Pz/exitlag/etc..) >FIXED




29. DEMON/GA/Dinorant/WizRing/LethalWiz


(Note: If you've noticed something weak or overpowered character in PVP. Please message our page!

LATEST NEWBIE GUIDE: Take time to read!


Ancient Set +15 FO YO

380 Weapon +15 FO YO

Accessories at NPC

7 Days 4th wing (rare)



Reset only! and all items at XSHOP are +15!



Selupan: Drops EX700 Weapon and Set Item

Kundun: Drops EX700 Weapon and Set Item

Medusa: Drops EX700 Weapon and Set Item



God's Ultimate Weapon +15 automatic (super rare)

Nightmare Weapon +0 High Drop rate

Tier 3 Ancient Set Medium Drop Rate



Offattack at server 1 and 2 only! How?

/attack - /offattack - /reset auto

Leveling Spots:

Lorencia // LT 5 and 7 // Kanturu Ruins 1-3 // Relics // Karutan 1 and 2 // Tarkan 1 Both entrance ...



Auction Event = Recommended to farm wcoins.

Guild war Event

Mini DM Event

Castle Siege

Reset Event

Daily Event

We are 100% daily active admins!



Set Items: Bloodangel Set Ancient

Weapon: Gods Ultimate Weapon

Accessories: +15 Accessories

Wings: 4th Wings

Pet: All pet are rare here!


🌏Facebook page:

🌏Facebook group:




FULL GEAR: 2500 Pesos (Original Price: 3100)
[VIP]Name Exclusive for full donate gear only.
Bloodangel Set +15 FO YO
eX700 Weapon Level 5 Seeded Pair / Nightmare Weapon Pair
Ancient Accessories +15 FO
4th Wing


FULL GEAR: 2000 Pesos (Original Price: 2600)
[VIP]Name Exclusive for full donate gear only.
Tier 2 Set +15 FO YO / eX700 Set Level 5 Seeded
eX700 Weapon Level 5 Seeded Pair / Nightmare Weapon Pair
Ancient Accessories +15 FO
4th Wing


FULL GEAR: 1600 Pesos (Original Price: 2000)
eX700 Set Level 5 Seeded
eX700 Weapon Level 5 Seeded Pair / Nightmare Weapon Pair
Ancient Accessories +15 FO
3rd Wing +15 +HP


FULL GEAR: 1500 Pesos (Original Price: 1900)
Tier 2 Set +15 FO YO
eX700 Weapon Level 5 Seeded Pair / Nightmare Weapon Pair
Ancient Accessories +15 FO
3rd Wing +15 +HP


BUDGET MEAL: 1100 Pesos Full Gear
eX700 Set Level 5 Seeded
[1] Season 4 Weapon Level 5 Seeded & [1] Excellent Weapon of your choice
Ancient Accessories +15 FO
3rd Wing +15 +HP


BUDGET MEAL: 1000 Pesos Full Gear
Tier 2 Set +15 FO YO
[1] Season 4 Weapon Level 5 Seeded & [1] Excellent Weapon of your choice
Ancient Accessories +15 FO
3rd Wing +15 +HP




Bloodangel Set = 1200 Pesos
Tier 2 Set = 700 Pesos
eX700 Set Level 5 Seeded = 800 Pesos
Season 4 Set Level 5 Seeded = 600 Pesos


eX700 Weapon Level 5 Seeded Pair = 700 Pesos
Nightmare Weapon Pair = 700 Pesos
Season 4 Weapon  Level 5 Seeded Pair = 500 Pesos


Ancient Accessories +15 FO Complete = 500 Pesos
4th Wing (AD/Conqueror) = 700 Pesos



Donate Tier 2 + 700 PHP = Bloodangel SET


Donating is not compulsory. All donation will be put 100% for the server so we can keep it up online. It will also go for the upgrades and enhancement of our server. We are not forcing you to donate. As such, donating can just be seen as a gift. Another thing to note is that all of these item can be obtained in the game through grinding.

Ang pag dodonate ay hindi sapilitan. Itong donation na ito ay 100% sigurado na mapupunta sa server upang mapanatili itong naka online. Ito din ay mapupunta sa pag papaganda ng server. At makukuha ang mga item na ito sa kung mag gagrind ka sa game.


1. Graphics

2. Items

3. Gameplay

4. Boss Hunt

5. Events



New effects at all items.

Conqueror Wing New effects.

Built-in Anti Lags Options:

Check / Uncheck Spirits

Check / Uncheck Particles

Check / Uncheck Skills

F7 Remove all Effects and Auras



eX700 Set (Socketed) - NPC (currency Gpoints)

Nightmare Weapons (Yellow Option) - Hunt at Land of Trials (Low Rate)

All items at Lorencia NPC now!

eX700 Set at Lorencia NPC.

Currency Gpoints

Where to Get Gpoints?

convert: 100wc = 1gpoints

/convert100 = 1gpoints

/convert1000 = 10gpoints

/convert10000 = 100gpoints

/convert100000 = 1000gpoints

/convert1000000 = 10000gpoints

Boss hunt = 10/20/30 gpoints



All items at NPC are +15 Full Options.

(Location of NPC: Lorencia Bar Outside)

Tier 2 Set Increase 10% Defense

eX700 Weapons - Damage Adjusted to avoid pvp unbalance

Horn of Steal [BK] - one handed both hand

Dark Breaker [BK] - one handed both hand

Rune Blade [MG] - one handed both hand

Chaos Goblin Upgrade Change Rate:

+10 = 60% Success Rate

+11 = 55% Success Rate

+12 = 50% Success Rate

+13 = 40% Success Rate

+14 = 35% Success Rate

+15 = 30% Success Rate




Kundun: 15 Gpoints

Selupan: 30 Gpoints

Medusa: 10 Gpoints

All boss above will drop:


S4 Socket Weapon + Full Option

Tetra Spheres


Broken Horn



Golden Hunt

Duel Master

Party War